Visual design roll-up

The most interesting, the most fulfilling, the most challenging, and the most impressive; all mutually exclusive descriptions of design work. Below is a sample of visually oriented work that may span all of those adjectives, but maybe didn't fulfill any of them fully enough to make a compelling portfolio piece. 

Visual UI for Decent healthcare

I did initial contract work for Decent Healthcare to design their landing page and UI.




Oddly personal example

Posters I designed and printed as a part of elaborate proposal to my wife.


Visual Design for Amazon Music

Visual redesign & pattern library of Amazon Music

This is a project that is represented in a couple places in my portfolio, but I wanted to bring it together in a single place and cohesive thought. The primary driver here was twofold - refactor the front end (and therefore design more systemically) and refresh the design visually. This entailed primarily working with my creative director on brand & marketing, and our dev team to build up a pattern library.

Sketch file

Though likely unorthodox, I want to share my Sketch file. Feel free to poke around. The main objective for sharing is to give a sense of scale and breadth. This project went across all our platforms and visually touched the entire product feature set. Below are some highlights from that file.

Link to an enormous sketch file


Now Playing Visual interactions

Described more fully in my Amazon Nav redesign piece, I am particularly proud of this graceful interaction and animation. I wanted the gesture to feel rich and transition between screens.  A crux of the problem was translating the hours of keyframing in After Effects into usable code and specs for the developers.

The first image shows the transition between two screens. The second was the result of exploration into making a gesture more obvious. We explored color and parallax speed to make the gesture obvious, delightful, and useful.

Examples: navigation, etc..png
Examples: button states: lights off.png

Style Guide features

All of the direction boiled down into a style guide and toolkit for designers/devs. This was mid-shift from black/orange color scheme to a dark/light blue theme. I did a lot of explorations around a dark theme on web, but ultimately we found that a light theme just worked better. We didn't test it, it just felt better and was less overwhelming. Within the Sketch, there is full sets of icons, image guidelines, etc.


Full Visual design of Amazon Music

Glamour shots of final visual redesign of Amazon Music (mid 2016)


Amazon Live Content

Glamour shots of final UI. This was actually a very high craft project. Specifically the overlay of the team logos took a fine touch to make sure clubs were happy and our thematic vision was met.