I’m Justin

Emerging tech focused designer and leader. Currently Lead Product Designer at Narrative Science in Chicago. Previously at Alexa.

“Strive to be the designer where hard problems go to die” 

- Mike Davidson


About Me

Specializing in strategic and intentional product design. I am helping companies design products and teams that anticipate needs of their users. I am focused on designing elegant solutions that allow us to interact with the world more effortlessly. A lot of my energy focuses on new technologies and simple solutions. I have spent the past 5 years working with natural language AI at Alexa and Narrative Science but see that as just an example technology that designers are just now rationalizing.

Utilizing my analytical background in design engineering and architecture, I am devoted to developing the craft of product design. I build products with intentional interaction and UI design that supports solid UX principles.

I spend a lot of my life in a bike saddle and building things.