A response to Jesse James Garrett's Elements of User Experience

‘User experience is about how it works on the outside, where a person comes into contact with it.’ This thought instantly resonated with me. I have become obsessed with simple complexity. The most powerful experiences are those in which something monumental happens and it seemed effortless to the user. I don’t think this is absolutely necessary for effective UX but it makes effective UX that much more impressive.


“A well designed product is one that does what it promises to do. And a badly designed product is one that somehow doesn't”. What I really appreciate about this is that the best UX is one that you never think about. For a product to be successful, it just has to work! The biggest step in UX is often times not making the experience great, but rather making it not suck so bad.


"The most important sign of quality, is not how many steps the process took, but whether each step made sense to the user and whether it followed naturally from the previous step.” I just last night had a conversation with my roommate about how PayPal’s biggest UX win was reducing the on boarding process from 17 screens to 3. I would argue this is not the biggest UX win, but rather just a win for the company as a whole. Sure 17 steps is a UX nightmare, but even 3 steps could be a UX nightmare if they are the wrong 3 steps.